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Canine Angels Inc is proud to present our 2 in 1 reversible fleece.  This means that you get two colors in one fleece coat.   Our Fleece coats come in four different colors with adjustable velcro.


Two-In One Fleece

The Two-In one fleece will keep your Dog Warm in the cold months.  Plus it comes in two colors.  The simple design allows for the fleece to be flipped around and velcro any way.



Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It's getting cold outside. Help your companion stay warm this winter with our Designer Reversible Fleece! Choose from our four different designs.

Why Do Dogs Need A Coat?

It is common to think that all dogs can stay warm in the winter or fall elements.  However, as dogs get older, into their senior years, their body does not have the blood flow to increase body heat.  A young dog will get cold in 45-degree weather (J. Coats, 2018).  Imagine how a dog in his or her senior years will experience the cold.

The common symptoms of a cold dog are Drowsiness, Shaking and Slow Breathing (Infographic, 2018).  When this does occur one of the recommendations is to have a dog sweater for the dog to help him or her keep warm (Infographic, 2018).


Jennifer Coats DVM (2018) How Cold is Too Cold for a Dog, PET MD

Infographic (2018) Can Dogs Get Too Cold? Five Symptoms and What You Can Do?

Size Measurements:



Neck size 8"-10"

Chest size 14"-18"



Neck size 10"-12"

Chest size 18"-22"



Neck size 12"-14"

Chest size 22"-26"


X Large

Neck size 20"-26"

Chest size 26"-30"


XX Large

Neck size 26"-30"

Chest size 30"-34"

These are our standard fleece coats.  Please select  what size and color you want below, in the drop down menu.


The Fleece coats that are listed below are a limited time offer, based on inventory.  These fleece coats are a overstock item.  We will have more at a later date.  (Click add to cart for these fleece) 

Note: be sure to read the size chart on this page to get the correct fit. (Use Side Arrows to Navigate to see more fleece)

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