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Q: How long does it take to receive the Canine Elbow Protective Sleeves?

A: We send the elbows sleeves out by priority mail, which take 2 to 3 days for delivery in the USA.



Q: Does the Elbow Protective Sleeve have padding?

A: Every sleeve is padded with 1/2" foam padding, with a strong outside material and soft nylon on the inside.



Q: Do you need any measurements for my dog?

A: We need two measurements. See below


1. The measurement from the elbow to the floor. They can be standing or sitting to take this measurement.


2. The measurement of the circumference of the elbow



Q: Do you have sizes?

A: Yes, we have the following sizes? (Remember this is just an estimate for your dog)

X-Small, 26 to 65 pounds, 6" to 10" for measurement
Small, 40 to 70 pounds, 7" to 11" for measurement
Regular, 60 to 100 pounds, 10" to 15" for measurement
Large, 90 to 160 pounds, 14" to 21" for measurement
X-Large, 160 to 235 pounds , (this would need to be a special order)

Remember again, these are just estimates, we can make any type of elbow sleeve for your dog

(*Custom sizes available*)


Q: Are the elbow sleeves adjustable?

A: Yes, the elbow sleeves are adjustable because of the 3" elastic straps that go over the dogs back and fastened closed by Velcro.



Q: Can the elbow sleeves be washed?

A: Yes the Elbow Sleeves can be put in the washer and dryer, we recommend you wash them on gentle cycle, by themselves, until totally dry, which is important not to put damp sleeves back on your dog.



Q: Are your sleeves custom made, do you have them in stock?

A: Every pair of sleeves is sewn separately, and then carefully examined; we do keep them all in stock, to give our customers a faster response time.



Q: What if my dog does not want to wear the elbow sleeves?

A: It takes time for a dog to adjust to something new, especially if they are going to wear them. If you take your time, patience and treats, they usually start to tolerate them.



Q: Can the dogs chew on the sleeves?

A: Like any dog left alone and unsupervised can chew just about anything, so yes, dogs can chew them. We recommend supervision when you first put them on your dog. We all know how our dogs are so if you have a chewer, then you may have to take more time in stopping them from pulling the sleeves off.



Q: Will your elbow sleeves heal my dog's sore?

A: The elbow sleeves are used for protecting the existing sores, padding them and keeping them from further injury. If you follow your Vets recommendation and your dog wears the protective sleeves there should be some improvement over time.



Q: Do you have a guarantee with your sleeves?

A: Yes, we guarantee our sleeves for one year, if you do not feel the Elbow Sleeves are working for your dog, just return the sleeves and when we receive them, we will refund your money.

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