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Canine Elbow Protective Dog Sleeve

The Canine Protective Dog Sleeve, will help treat and prevent Hygroma.  We always ask you to consult with your vet before purchase.

Veterinarian Approved



Measurment Instructions

Please take a moment to read comments from just a few of our customers!

*Thank you so much for elbow protective sleeve that you guys at Canine Angels made for my dog Sersee. As he ages, he has suffered from aggravated pressure points as the vet pointed out that caused him to constantly chew on them for relief. Unfortunately, he just doesn’t know when to quit. The constant chewing caused him to bleed all over the house and would not allow the injuries time to heal. Thanks to your ingenious invention, he no longer feels the need to chew himself, thus providing the wounds time to scab and heal. This is a much less evasive solution than the awkward cone I have used several times over the years on multiple dogs. Canine Angels is just that, a blessing for my dog. From the bottom of my heart, the Harris family including Sersee thank you for the blessing of this invention. I hope others share the same wonderful experience that we have experienced with your product. FYI, great advice in the instructions about holding back your laughter after they’re on. Thanks again and keep up the good work. [Lorin Harris. May 15, 2019

*These elbow protectors are the BEST! We recently lost our sweet Bo, but these very well made elbow protectors kept him comfortable for his last 3 or 4 years! Thank you for a great product.​ [Holly Williams Christensen. May 7, 2019 

“The pads arrived and my Java accepted them right away. His elbow abscess has already begun to improve.  So glad I found you online, and I've told our vet about your product.”
[Judith H. August 10 , 2017]

“It's perfect. The poor guy went through 4 surgeries and your elbow sleeve had been a savior. We tried some other sleeve, but yours is the best by far.”
[Carine R. July 21 , 2017]

“As I mentioned the vet just gushes about these things and says he recommends them all to his patients who have large dogs.  He literally said there was nothing else like them and they were the best solution available. That's high praise for sure.”
[Jason B. July 12 , 2017]

“Thank you so much---Daisy's elbow really is helped by the sleeves”
[Thomas S. May 31 , 2017]

"Thanks for keeping us informed throughout this process. It arrived Friday and fits perfectly. We liked your story and your company philosophy and wish you continued success.  Du thanks you for making him more comfortable as he deals with his cancer.."  
[Bob V. April 10 , 2017]

“Just wanted you to know we took Murphy to the Vet yesterday for a check-up on his elbow hot spot.  Luckily it's good and I feel (in part) it's due to the elbow pads.  He's become very comfortable with them, and isn't licking the spot anymore.  The Vet, Dr. Stephanie Garrett, was very impressed with the pads, & she took the company name, to have for referrals.”
[Ralph & Gloria S. January 31 , 2017]

“Thank you for sending the sleeves for my dog they are awesome and work well cheers.”
[Jennifer L. January 22 , 2017]

“The protective elbow sleeve arrived on Tuesday and Max has been wearing it since Wednesday with no complaints.  I take it off, wash the elbow area, refresh the ointment, and put back a light bandage on his left elbow. Then, I can easily slip it on again. A treat! Yesterday I took the brochures to his vet and his original foster mother, both of whom know numerous rescue and other dogs with similar problems.  Such an impossible place to bandage and so nice to have a solution.

I do hope we can steer other dogs your way, however, as I am finally feeling hopeful that this will be one medical problem of Max’s we can solve.”
[Mary B.  January 20 , 2017]

“Thank you so much for our Elbow Protective Sleeves for our 8 year old yellow lab, Abby! She had a sore elbow that was not healing, and she was so
 sad wearing her cone (in an attempt to keep her from constant licking.)
The Elbow Protective Sleeves arrived in less than 48 hours (in RI!) and she has been wearing them since.  Her elbow has completely healed, and she's a lot more comfortable lying down with the padding under her elbows.  Most surprisingly, she has not yet chewed them off (a true feat for our dear Abby!) I think the Velcro strap actually has a calming affect on her!  Thank you so much for your awesome product and your quick service!”
[Michele S.  November 25, 2016]

“I wanted to thank you for responding so quickly in regards to the elbow pads for out Border Collie Bonnie. We received them yesterday. She is almost 15 years old, and is obviously very special to us. The elbow pads make a tremendous difference in her life!
Again, THANK YOU!!
[Kathy C. October 28 , 2016]

“I wanted to write and tell you how impressed I am with your elbow protective sleeves.   My German Shepherd Dog, Rexton,  (11 years of age) is very large (122 lb.)  and has had horrific elbow calluses.   He licks them and that has caused ulceration as well.  I have tried so many home remedies but to no avail.  He also licks off any medicine and has removed most home-made bandages and wrappings.  Recently they began bleeding…. I ordered your product and it fits to perfection!  He has kept them on now for over 24 hours and already the elbow is calming down!  I am also able to place medicine on the callus without fear he will ingest it.    He is very comfortable wearing it and able to walk and run and play without restriction or them falling down!     He ran this morning at the farm and was very happy!    I am elated as well as this was a constant source of concern for me.   I will tell my friends with large dogs about your product line!”
[Regina S. October 23 , 2016]

The elbow sleeve we bought from you saved our 76 pound Brandy’s life. She developed dire, spurting arterial bleeds on her elbow that took an hour of continuous pressure to stop and the vet could think of nothing to help. We’ve now used them for around two months full-time and the skin has healed nicely and new fur is growing where there was only cracked, dry skin. We thank you and Brandy thanks you!  Praise the Lord.
[Larry & Linda R. October 19 , 2016]

“Thank you Mary! Khaleesi is very comfortable with her new pads. It was great meeting you and Pepper.”
[Ricardo A. October 7 , 2016]

“Just wanted to let you know Spencer has been wearing his elbow sleeves for about a month now, his elbows have completely healed, I can’t thank you enough. From the first moment we put them on we had no trouble with him wearing them, it has just been amazing with how quickly Spencers
elbows started healing once he started wearing the canine angel Sleeves! Their a God Send.”
[Gerrad & Terri O. August 30 , 2016]

I just wanted to say thank you for the sleeves from Jake and I both! treats required to get him to put them on..... he loves them and I love the fact that I no longer have to look at his raw elbows from lying on hard floors, pavement etc! Great product and I commend you for taking the time to develop and put it on the market....and there's not much out there in that line to begin with unfortunately! Have a good evening and keep up the good work! 
[Susan H. August 18 , 2016]

I received the beautiful elbow protectors for my sweet companion, service dog Chloe, 4 days ago.  Their lovely, so well made, and fit perfect. She's worn them several times and is getting used to them.  This is hurricane season in Florida till November 1st., so it rains and thunders almost every day. This is the lightening Capitol of the world, Tampa Bay. So for older, thunder phobic dogs , with sensitive, thin skin, and very little fur, they are perfect.  Anyway; this is a genius invention on your part.  I wish I had , had them years ago, before my gorgeous Sheltie Chanel had to be euthanized, she needed a lift device, which you make too.  She had hip dysphasia, and before she passed, 8 months before I got Chloe, was falling 15 times a day.  I was picking her up, a 40lb dog, with a severely broken pelvis. I will be sure to refer friends to your company, and will absolutely order, in the future.
[Shelia B. August 6, 2016]

The extra good news is, because Cisco's hygroma was caused by an abscess, using your sleeve to keep pressure on the area, has now made the hygroma go away. His elbows are perfectly normal.  I will continue to have him wear the sleeves, to protect him from further wear on the elbows when he's not working.  What a great product.  I showed it to some friends of mine who raised labs and were very familiar with the syndrome. They were so impressed that someone finally came up with a solution to a very long lived problem.
[Shannon W. July 1, 2016]

I am writing to tell you how impressed I am with your Elbow Sleeves. A brilliant invention!! I am so happy I found your site.  We have an eleven year old Stumpy Tail Cattle dog who suffers severely from elbow problems to the point where I was constantly cleaning blood smears from the tiled floor.  Fortunately, I found your website and ordered some sleeves for Jak. They are magnificent! He has had so much relief and does not have the need to be constantly licking at his elbows. I only wish I had found them earlier!!
Again, thank you for your inventive design.
[Robert & Ann T. May 31, 2016]

I just wanted to say how well the items we bought have helped us and our Koda. We have recommended your product to many on instagram. ""  
[Carol M. May 7, 2016]

"Look forward to receiving your lift for Mya.  I thank you for all you are doing to help man’s and woman’s best friends.  I can’t imagine a world without them!   I thank you for Mya also.  You’ve helped to make her life a little more enjoyable." 
 [Drue Ann G. April 29, 2016]

"We love the elbow protectors we have received from Canine Angels!!!." 
 [Joyce H. March 28, 2016]

"I want to let you know how thrilled we are with your product.  We have used the protective elbow sleeves for over a year now.  Our 11 year old Akita, Sisko, had developed terrible sores on his right elbow and the left was starting to break down.  Our vet only offered antibiotics and creams, which didn't work since they didn't address the real problem, which is the constant friction and pressure on his elbows when he plops down.  We have orthopedic beds for him to use indoors and out, but he won't use them all the time.  He'd rather lay on the cement patio or in the gravel when he goes outside, depending on the weather, and indoors, he likes the cool tile.  We tried to devise forms of protection, but nothing would stay put or really do the job.  It broke our hearts to see an otherwise healthy and robust dog have these open, bleeding wounds that would not heal.  Now, there is nothing but healthy tissue and fur on his left leg, and his right is almost there.  I want people to know you have to be patient and diligent about keeping the sleeves on your dog.  It can be a slow process, but I can tell you it is well worth it.  We have two sets of the sleeves and will continue to reorder as necessary as long as Sisko is with us.  By the way, the sleeves are extremely well made and wash beautifully.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts" 
 [Jeff and Melinda J. March 5, 2016]

"Lucy is still enjoying wearing her "pants" that is how we refer to
them. They have helped her elbows tremendously as our entire house has
hardwood floors." 
 [Barb L. January 13, 2016]




Our protective sleeves are proudly made in Michigan,  USA!

Canine Hygroma

Hygroma or wounds and sores on a dog's elbows are painful for everyone - the dog, the owner, and the veterinary professional who treats the dog’s sore, wound or Hygroma. Often, the hardest part of treating a wound or Hygroma is finding a way to protect the dog's elbows from the elements or from themselves while they heal. We have the solution.  It is simple, low-cost and a fully guaranteed solution for the treatment of your dog’s sore elbow or wound.


 The Canine Elbow Protective Sleeve, developed and produced by Canine Angels, Inc., has proven successful for treating wounds and Hygromas in product tests by veterinary professionals and dog owners.

image001 (1).jpg

This is Lady. The picture on the left is her elbow wound before treatment. The picture on the right is after 4 days of treatment and healing with the Canine Angels Protective Sleeve

WARNING: Use of the Canine Elbow Protective Sleeve is limited to application on the elbows of dogs. This product is not for use on humans or animals other than dogs.

Step 1 - Please measure the elbow circumference of the middle of the elbow.

Step 2 - Please measure from the middle of the elbow to the floor.  (Most dogs will be the same. This measurement is crucial for dogs with shorter legs.) 

Step 3 - Please fill out the information by clicking the type of sleeve that you want to order.

Step 4 - We will handle the rest.

Why Our Canine Protective Dog Sleeves.


* Provides comfort and protection for dog wounds, callus dermatitis, hygroma, soreness and bleeding. 

 * Velcro straps are easily adjusted to the comfort of tour dog.

* Slips on in seconds.
* Machine Washable.

* Protective elbow sleeves are durable and resistant to dirt or water damage.

* Has foam padding for cushion

*Ready to ship on same day, When order placed.


Available in 4 / Many Sizes
You provide the info, we'll ship the correct size!

100% Money back or exchange if not fitting

No Refunds If Damaged

* Dog Chewed on straps

* Pocket Torn Apart

Customizable Sleeves will be refitted not refunded

Order Now

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